Ballydonoghue CCE

Ballydonoghue CCE

  • Jun 24,2018

CCE News. 

Fleadh Cheoil Chiarraí 2018 took place in Milltown over the weekend and proved to be one of the most successful competitions for the Ballydonoghue /Lisselton  branch.Here are the results of the competions.Fidldle U12 2nd Daibhín Laide,U15-18 1st Conor Heaphy,Button Accordian U12-15 1st Kieran Mackessy,2nd Shane Madden U15-18 1st Padraig Holly.Flute U12 1st Emma Heffernan,3rd Ella Pickett,U12-15 2nd Ruby Falvey 3rd Hamish O Carroll,U15-18 1st Ali Cahill,2nd Laura Mc Carthy,Tin Whistle U12 2nd Daibhín Laide,3rd Lucy Prendergast. U12-15 3rd Ruby Falvey U15-18 3rd Caoimhe Barry,Concertina U12-15 1st Caoimhe LaideUilleann pipes U15-18 2nd Hamish O Carroll. Harp U12 1st Deirbhle O Carroll,2nd Clodagh Sheehy,U15-18 1st Hamish O Carroll, 3rd Leona Sheehy, Banjo U12-15 1st Dylan Quinn.U15-18 2nd Darragh Mackessy ,Mandolin 3rd Dylan Quinn,U15-18 3rd Darragh Mackessy,Miscellaneous U12-15 1st Dylan Quinn, 3rd Dylan Carroll Conway.Accompaniment U12-15 1st Leona Sheehy, U15-18 1st Ali Cahill, Bodhrán U12, 2nd Jack Purcell,U12-15 1st Dylan Quinn,2nd Kieran Mackessy, Céilí Drums U12 1st Jack Purcell, U12-15 Gabriel Falvey. Fiddle Slow Airs U12  3rd Daibhín Laide,U12-15 1st Aibhín O NeillU15-18 2nd Conor Heaphy, Flute Slow Airs U12 1st Alannah Lavery, 2nd Emma Heffernan, U12-15 1st Aibhin O Neill  3rd Mairead Barry, U15-18 2nd Laura McCarthy Tin Whistle Slow airs U12, 2nd Grace Heffernan,3rd Emma Heffernan,U12-15, Aibhin O Neill, 3rd Ruby Falvey, Harp Slow Airs U12, 1st Clodagh Sheehy, 2nd Deirbhle O Carroll U12-15, 1st leona Sheehy,Duets U12-15, 2nd Kieran Mackessy and Ruby Falvey,U15-18, 2nd Conor Hephy and Ali Cahill O18, 1st AoifeTrench and Donagh Mc Elligott,Trios U12, 3rd Tom Foley, Grace and Emma Heffernan. U12-15 2nd Hamish O Carroll, Mairead Barry, Aibhin O Neill, U15-18 1st Conor Hephy, Ali and Saoirse Cahill,3rd Laura Mc Carthy, Caoimhe Laide, Sean Kissane. Céilie Band U12, 2nd Ballydonoghue/Lisselton- Tom Foley Jack Purcell,Nuala Moloney, Gretta Keane, Samantha O Sullivan,Daibhín Laide,Grace Whelan,Emma Heffernan, Grace Heffernan, Amylee Callaghan,U12-15, 1st Ballydonoghue/Lisselton Ruby Falvey,Hamish O carroll, Kieran Mackessy, shane Madden, Mary kate Moloney,Aibhin O Neill,Laoise Lavery,Dylan Quinn, Iseult Long, Caoimhe Laide.U15-18 2nd Ballydonoghue/Lisselton Caoimhe Lyons, Ali Cahill,Conor Heaphy,Roisin Kissane,Caoimhe Barry, Padraig Holly,Laura Mc Carthy.Darragh Mackessy,Hamish O Carroll,Enya O Sullivan.Grupa Cheoil U12 2nd Ballydonoghue/Lisselton,

U12-15, 1st Ballydonoghue/Lisselton, U15-18 1st Ballydonoghue/ Lisselton.Irish Singing U12 Grace Heffernan U12-15 3rd Roisin Walsh,Newly Composed Tune, 2nd Conor Heaphy, 3rd Ruby Falvey Comhra Gaeilge Qualified U11-13 Eamon O Connor, Emma Heffenan. Mixed Set Dancers 3rd Ballydonoghue/Lisselton Jack Purcell,Darragh Sheehy, RoryO Connell,Cain Carey, Audrey Ryan,Orla o Mahony,Grace Heffernan,Aibhin Lyons.Grupa Cheoil U12 Grace Heffernan, Deirbhlle O Carroll, Nuala Mononey, Aibhin Buckley, Clodagh Sheehy, Orla Mc Elligott, Gretta Keane, Daibhin Laide, Samantha O Sullivan, Hayley Holly, Emma Heffernan, Grace Wheln, Alanna Lavery, Amylee O Callaghan, Aine Deland Edel Delane, Aoibhinn Lynch, Jack Purcell, Tom Foley, Georgie O Donnell.

All of the above competitors go forward to the Munster Fleadh In Ennis which takes place 21st and 22nd of July.We wish them the very best of Luck.