Fleadh na Mumhan 2014 Programme
Dé Luain/ Monday 14th July

8pm Lecture - Ancient Music of Ireland
Plaza Hotel



Kerry is full of Archaeology – Ancient Music Ireland brings it to life through music.

A highly entertaining and informative evening by Ancient Music Ireland will feature music through the playing of instruments and the stories behind the Kerry horns and instruments from other parts of Ireland including Iron Age trumpets and Early Medieval horns.   The origins of whistles and flutes are showcased through the playing of stone and bone instruments.   Animal horns are played to show the origin of the later Bronze Age horns.   More than five per-cent of the world collection of metal wind instruments that survive are from Co. Kerry.   The Kerry horns will be sounded and discussed.  The island of Ireland is particularly noted for its great collection of ancient musical instruments.  The audience will be brought on a journey spanning more than 3000 years from the Late Stone Age through to the Early Medieval Period (4200BC – 1000AD).  The earliest Irish legends which include references to instruments and music being played will be told.  Reproduction and exploration of surviving originals by Ancient Music Ireland reveals differences and similarities between ancient and modern musical concepts.  Many horns and trumpets have been incorporated successfully into new and old musical traditions and disciplines.  Thus, something thought to have been lost has merely been asleep and when awakened can play its part in the on- going human expression that is music, the language that is common to us all and in which we may all participate.  An evening not to be missed!

Ancient Music Ireland

Simon O’Dwyer  is the co-founder of ‘Ancient Music Ireland’.  Researcher, manufacturer, composer and player of ancient musical instruments of Ireland Born in 1955, Simon has dedicated his life’s work to the study and the reconstruction of prehistoric musical instruments.  He is in the vanguard of the pioneering research which is taking place into the music of prehistory around the world.  Simon has composed and registered many pieces for bronze horn, Iron Age trumpet, Early Medieval horns and bodhrán.  Simon has recorded 9 albums both with Ancient Music Ireland and the band ‘Reconciliation’.  He is a poet and songwriter.  He has manufactured of a selection of Bronze Age horns and Early Medieval instruments.

Maria Cullen O’Dwyer is Manager and co-founder of ‘Ancient Music Ireland’.  Maria has spent the past twenty five years dedicated to the promotion, research and documentation of the ancient musical instruments of Ireland.  She has correlated a large library of archive material. Maria also plays bodhrán professionally with the band ‘Reconciliation’ and has composed and recorded on several album with the group and Ancient Music Ireland.