Sproí na nÓg
Comortas Rince Seit Chiarraí Thoir
The INEC Killarney, Co.Kerry.
On: Sunday 4th  May 2014

Spraoí na nÓg Comórtas Rínce Seit Chiarraí Thoir
Sunday 4th May INEC Killarney

U-9 Novice Ladies
1st     Abbeycross (Sinead)
2nd     Spa
3rd     Abbeyknockmoy
4th     Abbeycross (Orienne)
4th     Currow
4th     Dromid (Corinna)
5th     Dromid (Saoirse)
5th     Kilcummin
5th     Abbeycross (Kate)

U-9 Novice Mixed
1st     Kilcummin
2nd     Abbeycross (Lewis)
3rd    Abbeycross (Christopher)
3rd    Abbeycross (Ryan)

U-12 Novice Ladies
1st     Abbeyknockmoy
2nd     Newmarket
3rd    Ballydonoghue
3rd     Currow
4th     Spa
4th     Boherbue
4th     Ballyfinnane
5th     Sliabh Luachra
5th     Cullen
5th     Dromid

U-12 Novice Mixed
1st     Abbeyknockmoy
2nd     Abbeycross (Peter)
3rd     Ardagh- Limerick
4th     Currow (Bryan)
4th     Currow (Darragh)
5th     Newmarket
6th     Abbeycross (Cian)
6th     Kilcummin (Kirill)
6th     Spa
6th     Kilcummin (Oran)

U-15  Novice Ladies
1st     Ardagh –Limerick
2nd     Ballydonoghue

U-12 Open Ladies
1st     Spa(Rachael)
2nd     Spa (Shona)
3rd     Ballymacward Galway

U-12 Open Mixed
1st     Abbeyknockmoy (Team Glenn) Galway
2nd     Abbeyknockmoy (Team Daire) Galway
3rd     Boherbue Cork

U-15 Open Ladies
1st     Abbeyknockmoy Galway
2nd     Spa (Anna)
3rd     Ballymacward Galway

U-15 Open Mixed
1st     Spa (Liam)
2nd     Spa (Ciaran)
3rd    Abbeyknockmoy Galway

U-18 Open Ladies
1st Abbeyknockmoy
2nd Spa
3rd Renard

U-18 Open Mixed
1st     Sliabh Luachra
2nd     Kilcummin

   Download Rules and Guidelines here....

All Teachers have been notified about Competition.

All Information can be received by Contacting
Mags O Sullivan on 0877799341

Rules and Guidelines:

Three separate categories

1)    Novice U9, U12 + U15 Ladies and Mixed

Dancing one figure of chosen set

1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize winners at County Fleadh Cheoil are not allowed compete in the above competition.  

Live music not provided for novice competitions.  (CD, iPod etc only allowed)
One Judge only for Novice Competitions.

Novice Only:
1.    May dance up 2 dancers from all categories.
2.    Four dancers may dance twice in the same competition in Novice Only

Followed by:

2)      U12, U15, U18 & Senior (18+) ladies and mixed

Dancing two figures of chosen set

-    Admission €5 (including competitors)
-    Running in conjunction with Fleadh rules
-    Three judges on the day for open competitions
-    Sets will be danced on a stage (not the function room floor)
-    In house music provided on the day (All sets will use this music (open competition only) also there will be no practice with musicians beforehand.
-    Results will be announced at different intervals during the day

Note: Due to the Child Protection Policy there will be no video recording or photography on the day.

Health and Safety:
We would ask all parents/teachers to ensure that all their competitors/children are supervised at all times.