Ambush at Rossmore

‘Oh come in and sit down, gentle Kathleen,
Come on in,’ cried the old bean a’ tí
‘Come on in and sit down my old darling
For I’ve a strange tale to tell unto thee.

Oh last night as the cocks were a’ crowing
Sure there came a loud knock on my door
And I thought ‘twas my sons were returning
From the ambush below in Rossmore.

So I peeped through a slit in my window
What a grand sight my eyes had ne’er seen
For there stood a group of irregulars
And they sporting their banners all green.

Then boldly they entered my cabin
And they stacked all their guns on my floor
It’s a cold night, replied the young captain
To be crossing o’er sweet Galtee Mór

So come fill up our glasses with whisky
For we’re traitors to England’s loyal queen
And I heard on the mountains far over
That you keep here a little síbín.’

Now the old woman’s face it grew brighter
‘Here’s a health to old comrades,’ she cried
‘And for those who are fighting for freedom
On the green hills of Ireland they died.

So here’s to the brave Seán Tracey
Sparky Breen and the brave Cathal Brugha
To the fearless and dauntless Dinny Lacey
Who died to give Ireland her due.’

From the singing of Nóra Butler and Pat Swan. Go ndéana Dia trócaire orthu beirt.